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Shopper-Eye Tracking


Shopper-Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking provides a direct insight into the perception and orientation of the shopper at the point of sale. This technical method gives information about:

  • … the direct eye movement and searching behaviour of the shopper
  • … the orientation of the shopper while shopping
  • … the attraction of visual attention of packagings and second placements
  • … the perception of visual information by registration of the eye movement
  • … signaling effects of communication measures in stores

 The application of mobile eye tracking glasses facilitates a detailed analysis of shelf positions and second placements direct at the point of sale.

Ey Tracking-Brille: Eye Tracking-BrilleEy Tracking-Brille: Eye Tracking-Brille


The results of an eye tracking study can be enriched by sales data like scanner and loyalty card data. The combination of these methods can generate a comprehensive view of the real shopper behaviour.