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Real Life Shelf Test

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Real Life Shelf Test

The required number of articles for conducting a Controlled Store Test is not always available. Despite this, the Real Life Shelf Test provides an optimal alternative for testing the evaluation of a method in an authentic environment.


This method involves placing dummy packages in the usual shelves in selected stores, and determining the reactions to these new packages by means of shopper observation and surveys.

IMAGE gps-dataservice_de-Test_Shopper_A_440pxIMAGE gps-dataservice_de-Test_Shopper_A_440px

Test Design

Combination of observation and surveys in selected stores

  • When changing existing products, an additional survey of the current packaging variant is conducted (e.g. 2 weeks with the current variant / 2 weeks with the new variant)
  • Capture of the pro rata eye contacts, physical contacts, and purchases
  • Where required, complementary analysis of the scanner data, in order to generate criteria that have an influence on sales

Image gps-dataservice_de-Test_Shopper_Interview_440pxImage gps-dataservice_de-Test_Shopper_Interview_440px

Test Panel

Comprehensive and flexible test panel:

We have longstanding partnerships with a number of key accounts from the German retail food market. Our test panel encompasses a total of more than 500 outlets, through which we have been able to make an individual selection of suitable stores for each of our tests.

GRAPHIK Logos HandelspartnerGRAPHIK Logos Handelspartner

Analysis Examples

Basis: Observation

Amount of eye contact with the test article

  • Amount of physical contact
  • Number of purchases
  • Time spent at the shelf

Basis: Survey

Shopping habits in the relevant category

  • Evaluation of the relevant articles / method
  • Likes / dislikes test articles or variants
  • Socio-demographic characteristics of the shoppers

Purchase Funnel:

GRAPHIK Purchase FunnelGRAPHIK Purchase Funnel