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Loyalty card analysis

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Loyalty card analysis

Successful loyalty card systems offer an excellent pool of data for detailed evaluation of shoppers’ behaviour. The high penetration of this system delivers a solid database of up to several hundred thousand consumer households and therefore allows analyses of especially great depth of detail.

System-based advantages of Loyalty card data

In contrast to scanner data, loyalty card analyses operate in a "closed system" where the customer base remains the same over a defined time period of analysis. Changes in purchase behaviour can thereby identified faster.

GRAPHIK KaeufersystemeGRAPHIK Kaeufersysteme 

Shopper Insights from Loyalty card data

Loyalty card data complement scanner data ideally with considerably more detailed product evaluation and marketing measures made possible by this tool. Informative insights can be generated regarding these aspects: 


Partner customer card systems

Together with our partners, real,- and tegut... we offer analyses in various sizes of shops, from supermarkets to department stores. Both successful loyalty card systems, "Payback" (real,-) and "gute karte" (tegut...), ensure good coverage for a solid database and dependable analysis results. 

IMAGE Kundenkarten CheckoutIMAGE Kundenkarten Checkout

Analysis examples

Due to our many years of experience in the procurement of loyalty card data, we offer professional consulting and well-founded analyses that deliver valuable and dependable insights for your marketing decisions.

"Cumulated purchaser development" analysis examples:

Cumulative purchaser development demonstrates the efficacy of a product's ability to generate re-purchasers and so build a loyal buyership.

GRAPHIK KK kumuliertGRAPHIK KK kumuliert

"De-cumulated purchaser development" analysis examples:

De-cumulated purchaser development provides, as an example, information on whether a promotional campaign appealed more to first-time buyers or to re-purchasers.

GRAPHIK KK dekumuliertGRAPHIK KK dekumuliert

"Period comparisons" analysis examples:

Loyalty card data, moreover, offers the option of evaluating changes in shopper behaviour in different periods. With this objective in mind, backdata for an elapsed time period of at least 12 months can be accessed. Lengthy backdata time frames are also accessible.

GRAPHIK KK KaufperiodenGRAPHIK KK Kaufperioden