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Controlled Store Test

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360 Grad Research

Contact person

Andreas Luppold


Andreas Luppold

Master of Business Administration

Andreas Luppold joined us as a partner at gps dataservice GmbH in December 2001, with his focus on shopper research, qualitative market research and marketing.

Controlled Store Test

Controlled Store Tests offer an ideal opportunity to test marketing campaigns in realistic conditions before they are implemented nationally.

Draw on the benefits of our years of experience in conducting several hundred Controlled store tests with a variety of question modes and a multitude of product groups.


In Controlled Store Tests, our methods are tested in actual shops in the food retail industry over several weeks. Evaluations are done in realistic conditions and deliver results which cater to real life shopper behaviour. 

We offer full service from article listing to and including analysis!

Test design:

  • Before/after test with test and control groups
  • The campaign to be tested is implemented in a group of selected test markets.

 GRAPHIK TestablaufGRAPHIK Testablauf

Relevance of the control group:

  • Sale trends of products remain influenced by external factors, be it due to seasonal variations or to competitor actions.
  • These effects have to be observed in a control group with the same structure, so as to isolate the pure effect of testing conditions in the framework of an analysis.

GRAPHIK Relevanz der KontrollgruppeGRAPHIK Relevanz der Kontrollgruppe 

Test panel

Comprehensive and flexible test panel:

We have the advantage of longstanding cooperation with a series of key accounts in the German food industry. Our test panel includes over 500 outlets, from which we can selectively draw suitable markets for each of our tests.



Professional implementation of your pilot study.

Our own representatives guarantee

  • controlled testing conditions
  • professional implementation of tests
  • regular delivery of test markets
  • adherence to test conditions

IMAGE Umsetzung 3erIMAGE Umsetzung 3er

Extensive experience

  • more than 400 Controlled Store Tests since 2003
  • Broad range of test modules (new products, placing, price, packaging, POS measures)


Well-founded analyses and coherently processed results offer a solid basis for your marketing decisions.

Basis: Scanner data

  • Detailed analysis on the basis of scanner sales and turnover
  • Consideration of regular top-grade data at POS (distribution, promotional campaigns, etc.)
  • Selected competitor products
  • Qualitative feedback from representatives and market personnel

GRAPHIK "Vor- und Testphase" - AbsatzverlaufGRAPHIK "Vor- und Testphase" - Absatzverlauf

Graphik Kontrollgruppe/Testgruppe - SaeulenGraphik Kontrollgruppe/Testgruppe - Saeulen

Basis: Customer card data

Typified questioning:

  • Valuable insights on purchase behaviour based on acts of purchase
    • Rate of sales
    • Re-purchasing rate
    • Sales/turnover per act of purchase
    • Parallel purchases
    • Purchase history
    • Cannibalisation
  • Access to customer card data from real,- (Payback) and tegut... (gute karte)

  • Detailed analysis of the basis of up to several hundred thousand consumer households

Detailed information on our customer card data can be found under Customer Card Analyses.

IMAGE Kundenkarten real,- und tegut...IMAGE Kundenkarten real,- und tegut...

Basis: Shopper behaviour

Shopper studies deliver additional valuable insights on shopper behaviour, product awareness, purchase motivation and purchase barriers. (see „Shopper Behavior“)