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Is AI a game changer in retail market research?


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Is AI a game changer in retail market research?

11. May 2020

A study by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oetzel and Andreas Luppold (gps dataservice) in the journal planung&analyse


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oetzel from Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Andreas Luppold from gps dataservice GmbH have carried out an exclusive study on the future of retail market research for the journal planung&analyse.

The quantitative analysis of over 100 articles published on various German market research portals in 2018 and 2019 shows that one topic dominates all the others. Within this topic, the algorithm identifies terms such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, automation, digital or black box.

Is classic market research still needed if everything is automated?

The qualitative analysis in the form of expert interviews shows a somewhat different picture. When it comes to understanding relationships, people are superior to machines. Qualitative market research, for example surveys or expert interviews - the retail experts agree - will continue to exist in the future.

You can find the article here:

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